Meal Prep

Those looking to stick to a meal plan need look no further than the OC Macro Meal Prep Service, offering healthy and enjoyable meals customisable to your dietary needs.

Save money on shopping, remove the fuss of cooking and avoid wastage by booking your macro meals with The Old Court House.

Ordering Instructions

Order Monday for Wednesday collection & order Friday for Sunday collection (full payment on ordering)

Aimed at the health conscious people who want to monitor their Macros or even just enjoy a healthy meal which is free from preservatives, additives, hidden nasties all cooked from scratch with local fresh ingredients. Extra benefits are less wastage, saving time and money on shopping and wondering what to cook, with lots of choices including vegetarian and vegan options.

Available by pre order on (day before) payment in full at the time of ordering, Certain ingredients may vary due to supplier and availability.

OC Macro Meal Prep Service

Citrus Honey & Herb Chicken £6.50
Marinated Chicken Breast served with wild rice &c pan fried seasonal vegetables Carbs 63.5g| Protein 67g| Fat 7.8g | kcals 714

Haddock with Tomato & Chorizo Ragu £6
Pan fried Haddock with Tomato & Chorizo Ragu and Sweet potato wedges. Carbs 35.2g| Protein 31g| Fat 5.1g| kcals 528

Yakitori Beef Stir Fry £7
Rump Steak with wild Rice, onion, Tender stem Broccoli & Yakitori Sauce. Carbs 35.0g| Protein 49g| Fat 9g| kcals 510

Roasted Butternut Squash Curry £6.50
Bhuna Spiced Curry with Green Beans & Rice Noodles. Carbs 88g|Protein 10g| Fat 4.7g|kcals 350 GF

Simply Roasted Chicken with Garlic Mash £6.50
Roasted Chicken, Honey Roasted Carrots Garlic Mash & Gravy Carbs 48g| Protein 70g| Fat 8g|kcal 547

Spanish Meatballs with Spaghetti / Courgette Noodles £6.50
Spicy Meatballs with a classic tomato sauce served with either spaghetti or courgette noodles Carbs 59.5g/21.5g (Courgette Opt.) Protein 30g| Fat 8.Sg| kcals 600/420 (Courgette Opt.)

Teriyaki Salmon £6.50
Salmon Loin with Stir Fried Vegetables & Teriyaki Sauce Carbs 41g| Protein 74g| Fat 21g| kcals 539

Crispy Cauliflower Nuggets & Three Bean Casserole £6.50
Breaded Cauliflower Florets in a Three Bean casserole with Crème Fraiche 67gi Protein 29g| Fat 6.7g| kcals 479

Grab & Go Overnight Oats
Base macros for Oats ( Contains Oats, Oat Milk, Whey Protein Powder)
378 cal 34g protein 40g carbs 8g fat @ £5.95

Honey and Nut 181 cals 12.8g Carb 5g Protein 14g Fat
Banana 140 cal Carb 27g Protein 1.3g Fat 0.4g

Skinny English Breakfast
Who says you can’t have full english and be healthy?
Roasted Tomatoes,Mushrooms.Bacon Medallions,Scrambled Egg,Sweet Potato Hash Brown
493cal 25g carbs 23g fats 48g protein @ £5.95

Char Sui Salmon Hoisin Vegetables & Wild Rice.
Honey and Soy Marinated Salmon with Hoisin Sauced Vegetables & Wild Rice
503cal 59g carb 32g protein 12g fat @ £6.95

Peri Jerk Chicken
It’s got a bit of a kick! Jamican Spiced Chicken Thighs Root Vegetables & Spiced Baby Potatoes
Marinated chicken thigh,roast root vegetables and baby potatoes
559 cal 40g carbs 27g fat 33g protein @ £6.95

Mexican Beef/Chicken with Salsa Corn Tortilla Chips,Guacamole
Are you a MexiCan? Spiced Chicken or Beef or both if you fancy with Corn Tortillas Fresh guacamole and salsa
Chicken 520 cal 20g carbs 29g protein 25g fat @ £5.95
Beef 545cal 20g carbs 52g protein 29g fat @ £6.95

Chilli & Lime Chicken with Quinoa & Cashew Nuts
Mild chilli and lime marinated chicken breast with Healthy Quinoa and roasted Cashew nuts
623cal 38g protein 63g carbs 14g fat @ £5.95

Haricot Beans,Tomato Sauce,Onions,Carrots Courgette served with North african Spiced Cous-cous
442 cal 12g protein 78g carbs 3g fat @ £5.95

Seared 6oz flank Steak over Avocado Salsa & Sweet Potato Wedges
Top cut flank steak over homemade avocado and tomato salsa with sweet potato wedges.
588 cal 30g carbs 52g protein 29g fat @ £6.95

Cajun Jambalaya
Seasonal Vegetables Chicken & Prawns bound in Tomato Sauce with Smoked Paprika & Wild Rice.
393 cal 12g fat 41gm carbs 29g protein @ £6.95

Stuffed Baked Potato with Chicken/Beef Stroganoff
Baked potatoes hollowed and filled topped with a low fat traditional Stroganoff .
Beef strog 564cal 56g carbs 24.5g fat 30g protein @£6.95
Chicken strog 480 cal 43g carbs 20g fat 32g protein @£5.95


  • Extra portions of carbs or protein can be purchased to suit your Macro requirements.
  • All meals come with allergen advice and heating and storage guidance.
  • All vegetables are cooked in Coconut Oil and will vary due to supply and seasonal availability.
  • Please inform at the time of booking if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions. All meals can be amended to be Gluten Free
  • We have done our very best to ensure accuracy with Macros using the bar codes of products and suppliers information. Some variations may occur due to different producers.

Build Your Own £6.95


Beef 100g|0g Carbs| 4.1g Fat|22g Pro.| 125 kcal

Chicken 100g |0g Carbs | 1.8g Fat| 15.9g Pro. |83 kcal

Haddock 170g|0g Carbs | 1.3g Fat| 26.3gm Pro. | 125 kcal

Tiger Prawns 150g | 1.Ag Carbs|2.6g Fat|30.2g Pro.| 158 kcal

Salmon 170g|Og Carbs | 1.5g Fat| 35.9g Pro.| 149 kcal

Meatballs 100g|Og Carbs| 12g Fat|23g Pro.|200 kcal


Stir Fry Vegetables 100gm|Carbs 5.4g|0g Fat|1.2g Pro. 39 kcal


Egg Noodles 50g|35g Carbs |0.9g Fat 6.9g Pro.| 178 kcal

Rice Noodles 50g| 39.5g Carbs 10.5g Fat| 3.2g Pro.| 174 kcal

Wild Rice 100g|78.5g Carbs | 1g Fat|8.lg Pro.| 360 kcal


Katsu 100g|3.4g Carbs |8.4g fat | 11g Pro. j 96 kcal

Teriyaki 100g| 12g Carbs |0g far |0:7g Pro. |99 kcal

Sweet Chilli 100gm | 23g Carbs |0.2g fat 0.4g Pro. | 95 kcal

Blackbean 100g| 12.5g Carbs | 2.2g fat 1.8g Pro. |79 kcal

Meal Additional Extras

 Wild Rice £1

Noodles £1.50

Sweet Potato Mash £1

Sweet Potato Chips £1.50


 Steak £3

Salmon £3

Chicken £3

White Fish £3

How To Order

Please choose your selected meals from the list and simply send us a PM or email
And we will arrange the rest.

Order Mon for Wed & Fri for Sun

All meals can be found under The Old Court House Nourished section