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Table reservations can be made via our online booking system, email or phone, however we also have plenty of free tables at the front of house bar/restaurant for spur of the moment foodies!!

Please note tables booked before 8pm will have their table between 1.5 & 2hrs tables booked after 8pm will be yours all evening long!

Please note that during COVID 19 restrictions may apply to your booking.

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THURSDAY 12-9pm 

FRIDAY 12-9pm 


SUNDAY 12-5pm 

Pizza Menu

Margherita (v) £7.95
Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce & fresh basil leaves. 702kcal. V

Pomegranate (v) £9.95
Feta cheese, red onion & pomegranate seeds. 807kcal. V

Bbq chicken £9.95
Bbq chicken, roasted peppers & baby sweetcorn. 836kcal

Spanish meatball & chorizo £10.95
Chorizo sausage, spanish meatballs & roasted red onions. 1122kcal

Vegan (vg) £10.95
Roasted peppers, red onions, button mushrooms & vegan cheese. 575kcal. Vg

Meat feast £11.95
Chorizo, pepperoni, chicken breast, bacon & cheese. 1175kcal.

Pepperoni £11.95
Double pepperoni & roasted vegetables. 1175kcal.

Chilli beef £10.95
Freshly made chilli beef & roasted onions. 1107kcal

Tuna and baby corn £10.95
Tuna fish, baby corn & mixed olives. 692kcal

Small Plates & Starters

Choose 3 for £15

Chorizo & Roasted Onions £5.25
Chilli Beef Empanadas £4.95
Halloumi Fries (v) £5.10
Ginger & Garlic Tempura King Prawns £5.95
Breaded Jalapenos (v) £5.50
Chicken Buttermilk Buffalo Wings (gf) £5.95
Cauliflower Buttermilk Buffalo Wings (v, gf) £4.75
Potato Skins (vg) £3.75
Charred Belly Pork Bites £5.95
Mini Mac & Cheese Bites (v) £3.95
Olives, Flatbread & Hummus (vg) £5.50
Nachos (V) Small – £6.95 | Large £10.95
Dirty Fries £3.75

Street to table

Traditional pork gyros £11.95
classic greek pork flour wrap with tzatziki yoghurt dressing, hot sauce & salad, served with crispy skin on fries.

Japanese ramen £9.95
traditional japanese soft boiled egg & noodle soup with your choice of belly pork, chicken or vegetables. (v/vg options available)

Japanese katsu chicken £10.95 | cauliflower £8.95
panko breaded chicken breast or cauliflower, served on wild rice with a homemade katsu curry sauce. (cauliflower option v/vg)

Side orders

skin on french fries (v/vg) £2.95
blooming onion (v) £4.95
homemade chips (v/vg) £2.95
buttered button mushrooms (v) £1.95
garlic bread (v) £4.50
garlic bread with cheese/tomato (v) £5.50
cajun spiced onion rings (v) £2.95
plain battered onion rings (v) £2.95


All our burgers are 8oz prime steak mince served in a gourmet burger bun with lettuce & Tomato, Skin on fries & House Slaw.

The Judge Burger £14.95
Two 8oz homemade burgers with bacon, cheese, jalapenos & red onion chutney.

The Jury £10.95
Buttermilk coated chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato & chipotle mayo.

The Executioner £11.95
Chili infused 8oz burger, pickled peppers, battered jalapenos & chili cheese finished with hot sauce.

OC Classic Burger £9.95
Our 8oz homemade burger with lettuce & tomato.

The Grazer(v) £9.95
Honey roasted carrot & sweet potato burger with caramelized red onion chutney.

 OC Beef Sliders
Flank steak in rich beef gravy & roasted onions
3 for £10.95
6 for £16.95

OC Naked Burger £9.95
Our 8oz burger served in portobello mushrooms & topped with fresh smashed avocado


Personalise Your Burger

Cheese £1
Battered Jalapenos 75p
Bacon 75p
Halloumi 75p
Pickled Peppers 75p
Avocado 75p



All Served with roasted tomato, onion rings & skin on fries.
Upgrade your fries to home cut chips for  £1.50

10oz Flat iron £10.95
A 10oz flank steak pan fried & butter basted. (best served med)

10oz Sirloin £15.95
The classic steak cut, pan seared to your perfection.

10oz Rump £13.95
The classic rump cut succulent & juicy

Butterflied Breast of Chicken £11.50
Seared & oven Roasted

Blue cheese butter £1.20
Garlic Butter £1

See your server for today’s sauce selection
all sauces £2


Noodles £6.95
Flash fried seasonal vegetables with fresh egg or rice noodles or courgette noodles, served with your choice of sauce.

black bean – 119kcal
teriyaki – 213kcal
sweet chilli – 206 kcal

Add ons
add chicken – £3.00 – 110kcal
beef – £3.00 – 190kcal
tiger prawns – £4.00 – 95kcal
vegetables – £2.00 – 116kcal
halloumi, carrot & orange salad (v) £7.95
halloumi, carrot & citrus salad. 338kcal.

BLT Salad £8.95
with baby corn & avocado. 609kcal.

Super Greens Salad (v/vg) £7.95
olive oil dressed leaves, rocket, soy beans, green beans, cucumber & quinoa. 509kcal. (v/vg).

Kebabs & Fajitas

OC Chicken Kebabs £12.95
Our own house marinated chicken kebab served on a warm flatbread with salad, pickled red cabbage, hot sauce & garlic mayo. 622kcal.

Lamb Kofta £12.95
Moroccan seasoned lamb skewer, served on a warm flatbread with salad, pickled cucumber, Tzatziki sauce and hot sauce. 958kcal.

OC Fajitas £10.95 – £14.95
Chicken – £12.95 – 110kcal
Steak – £12.95 – 190kcal
Tiger Prawn – £14.95 – 95kcal
Vegetable – £10.95 – 116kcal

Your choice of protein, flash fried with peppers & onions, served with corn tortillas, salsa, sour cream & guacamole.

OC Halloumi Kebab (v) £10.95
Halloumi cheese in our oc coating with bell peppers, red onions & courgette, served on a warm flatbread dressed with minted yoghurt. 509 kcal. (v)


Please see staff for our Sweetharts selection.



WED & THURS 12- Late

FRI, SAT, SUN 12- Late


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