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Table reservations can be made via our online booking system, email or phone, however we also have plenty of free tables at the front of house bar/restaurant for spur of the moment foodies!!

Please note tables booked before 8pm will have their table between 1.5 & 2hrs tables booked after 8pm will be yours all evening long!

Please note that during COVID 19 restrictions may apply to your booking.

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Kids Meals

Katsu Chicken Curry (u5)245keal 353kcal
Half Breaded Chicken on a Bed of Sticky Rice with Creamy Katsu Sauce.

Hidden Veggie Pasta (u5)196kcal 263kcal
Pasta in a Rich Tomato Sauce, packed full of Hidden Veggies, topped with Cheese. GF Pasta available on request.

Chicken Burger (u5)260kcal 365kcal
100% Chicken Burger, served with Curly Fries or Smiley Faces.

Beef Burger (u5)385kcal 585kcal
100% Beef Burger, served with Curly Fries or Smiley Faces.

Cheese & Tomato Flatbread Pizza 280kcal
Light, Crisp Flatbread Base topped with Cheese & Tomato Sauce.

Sunshine Chicken Salad 223kcal
Mixed Salad Leaves with Grated Carrot, Tomato, Cucumber in a Light Lemon Dressing. Topped with Slices of Chicken Breast. GF

Mac n Cheese(u5)290kcal 330kcal

Macaroni Pasta in Creamy Three Cheese Sauce served with a Slice of Garlic Flat Bread. GF Pasta available on request.

Crispy Fish Taco (u5)269kcal 389kcal
White Fish Pieces with Crispy Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Tomato Salsa and Grated Cheese.

0C Chicken Tenders (u5)197kcal 313kcal
100% Chicken Breast Strips in Breadcrumbs, served with Curly fries or Smiley Faces.

0C Fish Finger Sandwich (u5)300kcal 360kcal
Home Breaded Fish Goujons, served on our Homemade Slider Buns with Curly Fries or Smiley Faces.

All kids meals priced at £4.50 under 5 £6.50 5yrs+ and includes free Ice cream scoop or upgrade to a kids dessert for £1.50

Ask your server for today’s kids veg choices!


Free Ice cream selection 89kcal -140kcal
Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry, served with Topping Sauce of your choice.

0C Sweet Waffle
Homemade Sweet Waffle with the following toppings to choose from:
Banana & Toffee 370kcal
Nutella & Strawberry 410kcal
Bubblegum Ice Cream & Popping Candy 360kcal

Mini cheesecakes 145kcal
A selection of Chocolate, Strawberry & Lemon, served with Squirty Cream or lce Cream.

Caramel churros 268kcal
Hot Crunchy Churros filled with Caramel, served with Squirty Cream or Ice Cream.

0C cookie selection 260kcal
A selection of our Homemade Cookies, served with a Glass of Warm Milk.

Ask your server for today’s choices!